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High-Speed Rail: Shrinking Spaces, Shaping Places

High-Speed Rail: Shrinking Spaces, Shaping Places
Volume 39 – Number 3
Editors: Peter Hall and David Banister

This issue offers a unique expert view on the current HSR debate across the UK, Europe and the wider world. It offers a new perspective on two central issues: the need to reconcile the huge scale of investment with public and political acceptability and the challenge of maximising social value from that investment. Anyone involved in the debate will find it essential reading.

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Marketplaces as an Urban Development Strategy

Marketplaces as an Urban Development Strategy
Volume 39 – Number 2
Guest editors: Freek Janssens, University of Amsterdam and Ceren Sezer, Delft University of Technology

Our ambition with this special issue is to stimulate a useful and collaborative conversation – amongst academics as well as planners and designers – on the role of marketplaces in today’s cities. Yet our work only started as this issue was going to press. To facilitate the continuation of the discussion, we have established the Urban Markets Platform, an online place for knowledge exchange and expertise on urban marketplaces, and we cordially invite all our readers to join the Platform at www.urbanmarketsplatform.org.

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Future issues include

Tools for Equitable Urban Intensification
Guest editors: Crystal Legacy, University of New South Wales and Rebecca Leshinsky, Australian Catholic University

Delta Urbanism
Guest editor: Han Meyer, Delft University of Technology

Arab Cities After the ‘Spring’
Guest editors: Roman Stadnicki, CEDEJ, Cairo, Leïla Vignal, Université Rennes-2 and Pierre-Arnaud Barthel, Université Paris-Est

The Last Mile: Public Transport Futures
Guest editor: Yasser Elsheshtawy, UAE University

Urban Violence
Guest editor: Lloyd Wright, Asian Development Bank

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