Big Data and the City

Built Environment Editors
24 Sep 2016

Coming soon to library near you, 'Big Data and the City', Built Environment volume 42(3), guest edited by Professor Michael Batty. This cutting edge special issue responds to the latest digital revolution, setting out the state of the art of the new technologies around so-called Big Data, critically examining the hyperbole surrounding smartness and other claims, and relating it to age-old urban challenges. Big data is everywhere, largely generated by automated systems operating in real time that potentially tell us how cities are performing and changing. A product of the smart city, it is providing us with novel data sets that suggest ways in which we might plan better, and design more sustainable environments. The articles in this issue tell us how scientists and planners are using big data to better understand everything from new forms of mobility in transport systems to new uses of social media. Together, they reveal how visualization is fast becoming an integral part of developing a thorough understanding of our cities.

Editorial: Big Data, Cities and Herodotus MICHAEL BATTY


  • Big Data and the City MICHAEL BATTY
  • From Origins to Destinations: The Past, Present and Future of Visualizing Flow Maps MATTHEW CLAUDEL, TILL NAGEL and CARLO RATTI
  • Towards a Better Understanding of Cities Using Mobility Data MAXIME LENORMAND and JOSÉ J. RAMASCO
  • A Classification of Multidimensional Open Data for Urban Morphology ALEXANDROS ALEXIOU, ALEX SINGLETON and PAUL A. LONGLEY
  • User-Generated Big Data and Urban Morphology A.T. CROOKS, A. CROITORU, A. JENKINS, R. MAHABIR, P. AGOURIS and A. STEFANIDIS
  • Sensing Spatiotemporal Patterns in Urban Areas: Analytics and Visualizations Using the Integrated Multimedia City Data Platform PIYUSHIMITA (VONU) THAKURIAH, KATARZYNA SILA-NOWICKA, and JORGE GONZALEZ PAULE
  • Playful Cities: Crowdsourcing Urban Happiness with Web Games DANIELE QUERCIA
  • Big Data for Healthy Cities: Using Location-Aware Technologies, Open Data and 3D Urban Models to Design Healthier Built Environments HARVEY J. MILLER and KRISTIN TOLLE
  • Improving the Veracity of Open and Real-Time Urban Data GAVIN MCARDLE and ROB KITCHIN
  • Wise Cities: ‘Old’ Big Data and ‘Slow’ Real Time FABIO CARRERA
  • Collecting and Visualizing Real-Time Urban Data Through City Dashboards STEVEN GRAY, OLIVER O’BRIEN AND STEPHAN HÜGEL


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