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Issue Volume 46 – Number 4 Published November 2020 Themes
City information modellingBuilding information modellingDigitizationurban design and planningSpace syntaxArtificial intelligencesmart cities
Number 4

City Information Modelling: Digital Planning for Sustainable Cities

City Information Modelling may be in its infancy, but as the papers in this issue show it presents a unifying conceptual framework that offers context and purpose for transdisciplinary research and development, both in academia and industry, in the digital...
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IssueVolume 46 – Number 3PublishedSeptember 2020Themes
The cityCitizenshipUrban conditionUrban infrastructureUrban conflictMiddle East
Number 3

Impacts of HSR: Hubs, Linkages, and Development

In 1993, Built Environment (Volume 19, No. 3/4) introduced ‘The Age of the Train’. This was followed in 2009 by ‘Railways in Europe: A New Era’ (Volume 35, No. 1), then in 2012 by ‘Railway Station Megaprojects and the Re-Making of Inner Cities...
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IssueVolume 46 – Number 2PublishedMay 2020Themes
How cities worldwide have come to see that the artsculture and creativity can in help their renewal and revitalizationHow creative places can be made and nurtured in cities and townsHow art and artists can interact with urban planning and development in ways that encourage equitydemocracyand diversity in the city
Number 2

Arts and the City

The main focus of the articles in this issue is on what cities and their governments been doing to encourage, and benefit from, art and art-related activity. The contributors explore places for the making of art, also selling art, showing it, enjoying...
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IssueVolume 46 – Number 1PublishedFebruary 2020Themes
The spatial attributes of different space-sharing practicesand the associated economicspoliciesgovernanceand organisations for sharing; The impacts of space-sharing practices on urban spaces; The new socio-spatial relations produced by space-sharing practices.
Number 1

Space-Sharing Practices in the City

As the editors explain in their introduction, the papers in this issue can be divided into two parts. The first part (three articles) provides a conceptual foundation for understanding space-sharing practice in the city, while the six papers of the second...
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