Introducing the PHE series

Published by Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group. This series offers a unique window on the creation of the modern environment. Designed for an international readership, the emphasis is on: urban and regional planning recent as well as longer-term history what...

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AuthorXiaofei ChenPublishedOctober 2022Themes
SupergridSuperblockDesign PhilosophyUrban StructureCultural influence

Supergrid and Superblock: Lessons in Urban Structure from China and Japan

The book opens with an introductory essay by Barrie Shelton in which he sets the scene for what is to follow, emphasizing how alien this structure was to Western urban design culture where radial patterns of development were the norm. Then, in her first...
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AuthorNick GreenPublishedJune 2022Themes
Britainurban historyHistorical GeographySpeculative Development

The Settlement Patterns of Britain: Past, Present and the Future Foretold in Eight Essays

In writing The Settlement Patterns of Britain Nick Green was inspired by the short story genre. His book is a collection of eight non-fiction short stories or essays, where the characters are the places, some of which appear more once, usually as bit-part...
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AuthorCecilia L. ChuPublishedMarch 2022Themes
Hong KongSegregationColonial DevelopmentSpeculative Development

Building Colonial Hong Kong: Speculative Development and Segregation in the City

In the 1880s, Hong Kong was a booming colonial entrepôt, with many European, especially British, residents living in palatial mansions in the Mid-Levels and at the Peak. But it was also a ruthless migrant city where Chinese workers shared bedspaces in...
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AuthorYasser ElsheshtwayPublishedSeptember 2021Themes
RiyadhMiddle East and Arab Gulf urbanismHumanizing the cityPeople-centred urbanismUrban Governance

Riyadh: Transforming a desert city

Riyadh has set its sights on becoming a world city befitting the twenty-first century.
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