About Built Environment

Cities are the most dynamic places in which to live and work, and more than half of the World’s population is now urban. It is where the wealth of nations is created, where the jobs are located, and where the cultural and social life of the citizens is centred. Cities also encapsulate the best and worst in social conditions, with many of the most memorable urban cityscapes, historic sites and great buildings, but they also demonstrate social inequality, poverty and poor health. There is great opportunity for innovation, expansion and regeneration in cities, and for inspiring design and conservation. Cities also provide the only real alternative for sustainability, as it is in cities that the worst effects of social and environmental degradation can be addressed, and where resource consumption can be minimised.

With distinguished editors, Professor David Banister, Professor Stephen Marshall and Doctor Lucy Natarajan, Built Environment provides a unique insight into many of these interrelated factors through theme-based issues that concentrate on one or more of these aspects within different international contexts. It provides a mirror for the ever-changing complexity of the city landscape.

Built Environment is published quarterly, in March, June, September and December, each issue focusing on a single subject of contemporary interest and relevance to practitioners, academics and students working in a wide range of disciplines. Subject areas include:

  • Architecture
  • Conservation
  • Economic development
  • Environmental planning
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Regeneration
  • Social issues
  • Spatial planning
  • Sustainability
  • Urban design
  • Transport

But the emphasis is on crossing disciplinary boundaries and providing global perspective.

Issue Guest-Editors are established international experts in their respective fields; they not only commission contributions, but also oversee the peer reviewing process in collaboration with the Editors.

All issues include reviews of recent publications.

Details of past issues are to be found at Current and Previous Issues, while published issues are listed at Previous Issues together with details of their content.
The Editors welcome suggestions for future themes, which may be e-mailed via the Contact page. Occasionally calls for future themes are made on the Agendas page of the Blogged Environment.

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