Introducing the PHE series

Published by Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group. This series offers a unique window on the creation of the modern environment. Designed for an international readership, the emphasis is on: urban and regional planning recent as well as longer-term history what...

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AuthorStephen Hamnett and Belinda YuenPublishedMay 2019Themes
city planningsustainabilityUrban Governance

Planning Singapore: The Experimental City

Two hundred years ago, Sir Stamford Raffles established the modern settlement of Singapore with the intent of seeing it become ‘a great commercial emporium and fulcrum’.
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AuthorYasser ElsheshtawyPublishedApril 2019Themes
place makingmigrant communitiesMiddle East studiesurban studies

Temporary Cities: Resisting Transience in Arabia

Are Arab Gulf cities, the likes of Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Doha, on their way to extinction?
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AuthorAlamira Reem Bani HashimPublishedNovember 2018Themes
urban historycity and urban planningurban studies

Planning Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s urban development path contrasts sharply with its exuberant neighbour, Dubai
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AuthorScott A. BollensPublishedJanuary 2018Themes
Peace Studiesurban historyMiddle East studiesIrish Studiesurban planning

Trajectories of Conflict and Peace: Jerusalem and Belfast Since 1994

Creating peace for a city’s intimate enemies is harder...
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