Introducing the PHE series

Published by Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group. This series offers a unique window on the creation of the modern environment. Designed for an international readership, the emphasis is on: urban and regional planning recent as well as longer-term history what...

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AuthorYasser ElsheshtwayPublishedSeptember 2021Themes
RiyadhMiddle East and Arab Gulf urbanismHumanizing the cityPeople-centred urbanismUrban Governance

Riyadh: Transforming a desert city

Riyadh has set its sights on becoming a world city befitting the twenty-first century.
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AuthorJohn R. Gold and Margaret M. GoldPublishedDecember 2020Themes
Festivals and festivalizationHistory of city festivalsFestivals and cultureFestivals and economyFestival and placeBiennalesCarnival

Festival Cities: Culture, Planning and Urban Life

Festivals have always been part of city life, but their relationship with their host cities has continually changed.
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AuthorSimon GoldhillPublishedSeptember 2020Themes
The cityCitizenshipUrban conditionUrban infrastructureUrban conflictMiddle East

Being Urban

In Being Urban, Simon Goldhill and his team of outstanding urbanists explore the meaning of the urban condition, with particular reference to the Middle East.
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AuthorIan WrayPublishedJune 2019Themes
planning historyAmerican Governance

No Little Plans: How Government Built America’s Wealth and Infrastructure

Is planning for America anathema to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness?
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