Introducing the PHE series

Published by Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group. This series offers a unique window on the creation of the modern environment. Designed for an international readership, the emphasis is on: urban and regional planning recent as well as longer-term history what...

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AuthorScott A. BollensPublishedJanuary 2018Themes
Peace Studiesurban historyMiddle East studiesIrish Studiesurban planning

Trajectories of Conflict and Peace: Jerusalem and Belfast Since 1994

Creating peace for a city’s intimate enemies is harder...
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AuthorStephen Hamnett, Robert FreestoneEdited ByStephen Hamnett, Robert FreestonePublishedNovember 2017Themes
city and urban planningurban studiesAustralia

Planning Metropolitan Australia

Australia has long been a highly (sub)urbanized nation, but the major distinctive feature of its contemporary settlement pattern is that the great majority of Australians live in a small number of large metropolitan areas focused on the state capital...
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AuthorJieheerah Yun PublishedJanuary 2017Themes
planning historycity and urban planningSouth Koreaglobalization

Globalizing Seoul: The City's Cultural and Urban Change

In the decades following the 1997 Asian economic crisis, South Korea sought segyehwa (globalization). Evidence of this is no more evident than in the country’s capital, Seoul, where urban development has been central to making the city a global hub...
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AuthorYael AllweilEdited ByYael AllweilPublishedAugust 2016Themes
planning historyIsrael-Palestine historyHousing provision

Homeland: Zionism as a Housing Regime, 1860–2011

As Yael Allweil reveals in her fascinating book, housing has played a pivotal role in the history of nationalism and nation building in Israel-Palestine. She adopts the concept of ‘homeland’ to highlight how land and housing are central to both Zionism...
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