Call for papers for special issue on ‘Micro’ Modes of Mobility and Urban Space

Nils Fearnley
17 Nov 2020

Call for papers for special issue on ‘Micro’ Modes of Mobility and Urban Space

Guest editor: Nils Fearnley, Institute of Transport Economics, Oslo, Norway

Email:  [email protected];  Tel: +4790923924

Micromobility – including owned and shared e-scooters, docked and dockless shared bike and e-bike schemes, skateboards, and other types of personal mobility devices – is gaining momentum in our cities. The benefits of increased, flexible, space-efficient, and emission-free mobility and access are apparent. So are the concerns relating to, inter alia, accident risk, littering and cluttering, undesirable use of public space, and conflicts with other modes of private and public transport. This special issue will investigate how new forms of micromobility impact the city, its land use and transport system, and occupation of space. Topics include but are not limited to:

•   Allocation and repurposing of streets and public space to different forms of micromobility;

•   The ‘rules of the road’ for the new range of micro-modes and those with which they share space;

•   Non-users’ perspectives on safety, accessibility, noise, and visual pollution;

•   Potential for substitution/complementarity vis-à-vis public transport and the private car;

•   Issues of accessibility – from access to jobs and amenities, to of access for all;

•   The ownership of space;

•   The necessary changes to governance and regulation;

•   Whether, how, and to what extent, micromobility can support sustainable urban mobility.

While most contributions to this special issue are expected to focus on (shared) e-scooters and shared bikes and e-bikes, contributions relating to a wider range of technologies including, e.g. skateboards, hoverboards, electric wheelchairs/rollators, and electric unicycle, are also welcome.

We are looking for an international perspective and welcome papers from around the world with different experiences, regulatory settings and land uses.

Anyone interested in contributing a paper to the issue should email a title and an abstract of not more than 500 words to Dr Nils Fearnley by 31 January 2021.

The proposed schedule for this issue is:

•   Submission of papers following abstract acceptance:                    1 June 2021

•   Double reviewing of papers completed and authors notified:        31 August 2021

•   Submission revised/final papers                                                     31 October 2021

•   Publication of the issue                                                                   December 2021                                             



Listing Image/Image 1: Electric Scooters In Finland (Source: Arto Alanenpää, via Wikimedia, CC BY S-A 4.0,

Image 2: Yangzhou-WenchangLu Electric Bicycles (Source: Vmenkov, CC BY-SA 3.0, )