Built Environment : Blogged Environment

Lucy Natarajan
15 Sep 2015

About the blog of the Built Environment

The Blogged Environment was added to the Alexandrine Press website in 2015. It is a space for blogs on the topics of the Built Environment journal and the Planning, History & Environment book series. Stephen Marshall wrote the blog that launched the website 'Of Books & Blogs'. He explains how we do not need to see the era of digital publishing as 'an either / or situation'. Instead both printed and digital pieces - books and blogs - are valuable assets for learning and sharing. So, this blog is an online companion for the journal and related books. With:

  • opinion on what is already published
  • updates to themes
  • ideas for future topics

Built Environment journal - in your hands and online

The content of the Built Environment journal is about urban settlements. This opens up a great breadth of subjects for blogging. Blog topics range from green and social issues, through place-making, spatial planning, health, housing, architecture and ecology, to transport and economic concerns. But Built Environment topics are of interest to people from all disciplines and all parts of the world. Our most popular blogs explore the overlaps and connections between subjects. Even if they study one area they have global lessons. Most importantly our blogs engage a wide audience. In PLACE terms* we already have a connected community. Namely :

  • Planners
  • Landscape
  • Architects
  • Conservation
  • Community
  • Engineers
  • Surveyors
  • ...and more.

But our blogging takes this further. It speaks to other people by sharing views about our work in an open way. Let us know with DISQUS and tweets. We have no bar on the backgrounds of our blog authors. We encourage new contributors, new subjects, new place studies. Join us! You can read more about how to contribute blogs here, and ask questions by email to [email protected].

*Made popular in England by a review of government policy around architecture and the built environment