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Built Heritage Conservation Education

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Volume 33 – Number 3
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Guest editors: Jeff Cody and Kecia Fong
08 Apr 2014
The questions central to this issue of Built Environment concern conservation education and how, in facing the myriad challenges associated with conserving built heritage, practitioners and teachers can achieve the best results. Education, conservation and heritage are all contextualized by culture, therefore to be successful built heritage conservation activities must be based upon shared cultural values. Jeff Cody and Kecia Fong identify five key themes, common to all the papers in this issue:
  • The necessity of fieldwork as a part of a student’s conservation education; 
  • The importance of collaboration or partnership as a means of advancing the field of conservation; 
  • The multi- and/or interdisciplinary nature of conservation efforts; 
  • The potential disconnect between global norms and local values; 
  • The significance of community participation in the process of heritage identification and conservation


  • Built Heritage Conservation Education
    Jeff Cody and Kecia Fong
  • An International Perspective to Conservation Education
    Jukka Jokilehto
  • All Things Useful and Ornamental: A Praxis-based Model for Conservation Education 
    Frank Matero
  • Heritage Preservation Training: An Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Methodology
    Koen Van Balen
  • Training Conservation Professionals in the Middle East
    Aylin Orbasli
  • Built Heritage Conservation Education: A Reflection from Peru
    Mirna Soto Medina and Luis Villacorta Santamato
  • Conservation and Change: Questions for Conservation Education in Urban India
    Rahul Mehrotra
  • Conservation Education as a form of Community Service in Bangkok
    Yongtanit Pimonsathean
  • On-site Conservation Training in Cambodia: A Critical Survey of Activities at Angkor
    Robert Garland Thomson
  • Publication Reviews