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Bus Rapid Transit: A Transport Renaissance

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Volume 36 – Number 3
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Guest editor: Lloyd Wright
08 Apr 2014
Delivering good quality, cost-effective public transport has been largely unrealized in the vast majority of the world’s urban areas. A reasonably affordable technology that provided quality customer experience seemed beyond the reach of transport planners until a small group of innovative policy and design professionals in a relatively unknown Brazilian city reinvented the sector.
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) was created to deliver metro-like capacity and quality but at an affordable price. This issue of Built Environment traces both the history of and the current trends in BRT across the globe, providing a regional perspective on progress and challenges.


  • Bus Rapid Transit: A Public Transport Renaissance 
    Lloyd Wright
  • Curitiba: The Cradle of Bus Rapid Transit 
    Luis Antonio Lindau, Dario Hidalgo and Daniela Facchini
  • BRT in Latin America – High Capacity and Performance, Rapid Implementation, Low Cost 
    Dario Hidalgo and Aileen Carrigan
  • Bus Rapid Transit in the United States 
    William Vincent
  • The European Bus with a High Level of Service (BHLS): Concept and Practice 
    Odile Heddebaut, Brendan Finn, Sébastien Rabuel and François Rambaud
  • Africa: Transforming Paratransit into Bus Rapid Transit 
    Annie Weinstock and Aimee Gauthier
  • Bus Rapid Transit in Australasia: An Update on Progress
    Graham Currie and Alexa Delbosc
  • BRT’s Influence on Public Transport Improvements in Indonesian Cities
    John Ernst and Heru Sutomo
  • Bus Rapid Transit Projects in Indian Cities: A Status Report 
    Geetam Tiwari and Deepty Jain
  • Bus Rapid Transit in China 
    Karl Fjellstrom