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Can We Plan the Creative Knowledge City?

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Volume 35 – Number 2
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Guest editors: Caroline Chapain, Chris Collinge and Peter Lee
08 Apr 2014
Reflecting the differing approaches across Western and Eastern Europe, the contributors to this issue of Built Environment explore the pathways towards creative and/or knowledge cities and discuss the implications for such cities in terms of social inclusion and planning policies – issues which are of critical importance in the face of world economic recession.


  • Can We Plan the Creative Knowledge City? Perspectives from Western and Eastern Europe
    Caroline Chapain and Peter Lee
  • Rethinking the Knowledge-Based Economy
    Chris Collinge and Adreene Staines
  • Creative and Knowledge Cities: Development Paths and Policies from a European Perspective
    Sako Musterd and Olga Gritsai
  • Becoming a Creative City: The Role of Policy in the Case of Sofi a
    Evgenii Dainov
  • Becoming a Knowledge City: The Example of Toulouse
    Elisabeth Peyroux, Michel Grossett i and Denis Eckert
  • The Emergence of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area as an International Hub of the Knowledge Industries
    Mari Vaatt Ovaara
  • The Barcelona Metropolitan Region: From Non-Existence to Fame
    Montserrat Pareja-Eastaway
  • Creative Cities in England: Researching Realities and Images
    Caroline Chapain and Roberta Comunian
  • ‘Complexcities’: Locational Choices of Creative Knowledge Workers
    Julie Brown and Michał Męczyński
  • Knowledge-Based Economy and Related Educational Issues: The Case of Birmingham
    John Gibney, Alex Burfi tt and Alan Murie
  • The Creative Economy and Social Sustainability: Planning for Opportunity and Growth
    Peter Lee, Alex Burfi tt and Andrew Tice
  • Deepening Social Divisions and the Discourse of Knowledge and Creativity across the Cities of Europe
    Chris Collinge and Sako Musterd