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Climate Change and Cities

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Volume 33 – Number 1
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Guest editor: Darryn McEvoy
08 Apr 2014
With input from a range of academic disciplines and based on the latest scientific knowledge, this issue addresses what climate change means for the urban environment in terms of impacts, risk assessment, adaptation, and decision-making under uncertainty. Although the papers are based on the latest research in the UK, the discussions and findings presented here are intended to have wider resonance.


  • Climate Change and Cities
    Darryn Mcevoy
  • Climate Scenarios and Decision Making under Uncertainty
    C.M. Goodess, J. Hall, M. Best, R. Betts, L. Cabantous, P.D. Jones, C.G. Kilsby, a. Pearman and C.J. Wallace
  • A Review of Climate Change Impacts on the Built Environment
    R.L. Wilby
  • The Role of Spatial Risk Assessment in the Context of Planning for Adaptation in UK Urban Areas
    S.J. Lindley, J.F. Handley, D. Mcevoy, E. Peet and N. Theuray
  • Adaptable Urban Drainage: Addressing Change in Intensity, Occurrence and Uncertainty of Stormwater (AUDACIOUS)
    Richard Ashley, John Blanksby, Adrian Cashman, Lynne Jack, Grant Wright, John Packman, Lorna Fewtrell, Tony Poole and Cedo Maksimovic
  • Increased Temperature and Intensification of the Urban Heat Island: Implications for Human Comfort and Urban Design
    Richard Watkins, John Palmer and Maria Kolokotroni
  • Thermal Comfort: Climate Change and the Environmental Design of Buildings in the United Kingdom
    Jacob N. Hacker and Michael J. Holmes
  • Adapting Cities for Climate Change: The Role of the Green Infrastructure
    S. Gill, J. Handley, R. Ennos and S. Pauleit
  • Publication Reviews