The Cosmopolis: Emerging Multicultural Spaces in Europe and North America

About this issue

Issue number
Volume 30 – Number 1


Editor: Noha Nasser
15 Mar 2004


  • From Multicultural Urbanities to the Postmodern Cosmopolis: A Praxis for Urban Democracy
    Noha Nasser
  • Constructing an Islamic Environment in Northern Ireland
    Gabriele Marranci
  • The Multicultural City and the Politics of Religious Architecture: Urban Planning, Mosques and Meaning-Making in Birmingham, UK
    Richard Gale
  • (Re)making Hindu Sacred Places in Northern California
    Reena Mehta
  • The Use of Domestic Space by Migrants on a Greek Island: Transformation or Translocation of Cultures?
    Antonia Noussia
  • Southall's Kaleido-scape: A study in the changing morphology of a west London suburb
    Noha Nasser
  • Publication Reviews
    Dennis Hardy