Creative Cultural Knowledge Cities

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Issue number
Volume 30 – Number 3


Editors: Sako Musterd and Wim Ostendorf
15 Sep 2004


  • Creative Cultural Knowledge Cities: Perspectives and Planning Strategies
    Sako Musterd, Wim Ostendorf
  • Bare Geographies in Knowledge Societies – Creative Cities as Text and Piece of Art: Two Eyes, One Vision
    Ilse Helbrecht
  • A Discovery of Creative Talent in the Margins of Urban Development
    Martijn Arnoldus
  • A Place in the World: Barcelona's Quest to Become a Global Knowledge City
    Andrés Walliser
  • Amsterdam as a Creative Cultural Knowledge City: Some Conditions
    Sako Musterd
  • The Role of Housing in Delivering a Knowledge Economy
    Peter Lee, Alan Murie
  • Culture and the City: A View from the ‘Athens of the North’
    Brian Robson
  • Creativity, Culture, Knowledge and the City
    Peter Hall
  • Publication Reviews
    Yasser Elsheshtawy, John R. Gold, Peter Hall, Meredith L. Clausen