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Crime in the City

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Volume 34 – Number 1
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Guest editor: Alex Hirschfield
08 Apr 2014
This issue focuses on crime in the city with particular reference to the relationship between crime, land use and the urban environment. In their papers, the editor and contributors discuss different aspects of crime risk, crime opportunities, crime prevention and fear of crime. 
Following Alex Hirschfield’s scene-setting paper, Danielle Reynald et al. examine the importance of social distance as a barrier to offender movements. Shane D. Johnson et al. take a closer look at crime hotspots and how far they represent stable patterns of crime. Jennifer B. Robinson describes the impact of a major regeneration programme on crime patterns in a North American city. J. Bryan Kinney et al. explore the relationship between urban land use and crime in Vancouver, while Tinus Kruger and Karina Landman investigate how far theories of environmental criminology and situational crime prevention apply outside the West by focusing on gated communities and crime reduction in urban South Africa. Andrew Newton moves away from a concern with crime affecting fixed locations by considering the special factors that apply when measuring and tackling crime on public transport. Finally, Hirschfield and Newton investigate the relationship between burglary and burglary reduction measures in Manchester.


  • The Multi-Faceted Nature of Crime
    Alex Hirschfield
  • Do Social Barriers Affect Urban Crime Trips? The Effects of Ethnic and Economic Neighbourhood Compositions on the Flow of Crime in The Hague, The Netherlands
    Danielle Reynald, Margit Averdijk, Henk Elffers and Wim Bernasco
  • Stable and Fluid Hotspots of Crime: Differentiation and Identification
    Shane D. Johnson, Steven P. Lab and Kate J. Bowers
  • Crime and Regeneration in Urban Communities: The Case of the Big Dig in Boston, Massachusetts
    Jennifer B. Robinson
  • Crime Attractors, Generators and Detractors: Land Use and Urban Crime Opportunities
    J. Bryan Kinney, Patricia L. Brantingham, Kathryn Wuschke, Michael G. Kirk and Paul J. Brantingham
  • Crime and the Physical Environment in South Africa: Contextualizing International Crime Prevention Experiences 
    Tinus Kruger and Karina Landman
  • A Study of Bus Route Crime Risk in Urban Areas: The Changing Environs of a Bus Journey
    Andrew Newton
  • The Crime-Crime Prevention Relationship: A Manchester Case Study
    Alex Hirschfield and Andrew Newton
  • Publication Reviews