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Volume 33 – Number 2
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Guest editors: Michael Cohen and Margarita Gutman
08 Apr 2014
This issue approaches the subject of density from diverse perspectives. Starting from its physical definition, the articles explore complementary dimensions of density such as time, language, form, intention, context, information, technology, and complexity. Each of these dimensions suggests different policy and research 
questions for professionals, academics and their students working on the built environment. Taken together they broaden the meaning(s) of density and its significance in urban analysis and discourse. Density is much more than a simple absolute quantitative parameter; it is also a powerful relational concept. 


  • Density: An Overview Essay
    Michael Cohen and Margarita Gutman
  • Aid, Density, and Urban Form: Anticipating Dakar
    Michael Cohen
  • Buenos Aires: Involuntary Incentives to Metropolitan Dispersal
    Fernando Diez
  • Metropolitan Cities: Territory and Governability, the Spanish Case
    Albert Arias and Jordi Borja
  • Morphology of Density
    Roberto Doberti and Liliana Giordano
  • Ubiquitous Computing, Informatization, Urban Structures and Density
    Graham Clarke and Victor Callaghan
  • The Last Days of Low-Density Living: Suburbs and the End of Oil
    Rachel Heiman
  • Proximate Distances: The Phenomenology of Density in Mumbai
    Vyjayanthi Rao
  • On the Declining Population of the Centre: A Research Note
    Shlomo Angel
  • Publication Reviews