Micromobility, Cycling, E-bikes, Electric Scooters, Skate boards, Sustaintable transport, public spaces, Commuting, First and last mile

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Volume 47 – Number 4


The contributors to this issue investigate how new forms of micromobility – e-bikes, e-scooters and skateboards – impact the city, its land-use and transport systems, the occupation of space, users and non-users, and the environment. They look at the potential benefits of micromobility and some of the pitfalls, and how local and national governments must find the means to mitigate problematic side-effects while facilitating the realization of the benefits.

Nils Fearnley is Chief Researcher for the research group Market and Governance at the Institute of Transport Economics, Norway. His research focuses on passenger transport and, increasingly, on new, smart, and shared forms of mobility. He is currently project manager for the Norwegian Research Council projects MikroReg (https://www.toi.no/project-mikroreg), and Regsmart (https://www.toi.no/project-regsmart).