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Volume 43 – Number 2


In academic, government and public arenas there is increasing interest in public space as a facilitator of urban justice and, further, that urban justice is not an abstract concept, but has practical implications. Therefore, the question is what are the ways of studying public space to promote urban justice in the city? The intention of this issue of Built Environment is to bring contributions which explore and ground this question.

Matej Nikšič is an architect and urban planner specialized in urban public space and urban regeneration in relation to participation and mobility issues. He works as a researcher at the Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia. Currently he leads Slovenian part of the EU Human Cities project and teaches at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Ljubljana.


Ceren Sezer, an architect and urban planner, works as a Guest Researcher and Lecturer at the Department of Urbanism of Delft University of Technology. Her research interests focus on public space, street markets, urban renewal and immigrant neighbourhoods. She is a co-founder of an international research and design network ‘Public Spaces and Urban Cultures’ established under the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP).