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Volume 44 – Number 4


Griet Steel is an Assistant Professor in International Development Studies at the Department of Human Geography and Planning, Utrecht University. She has been involved in several international research projects addressing the interplay between technology, land and mobility and the broader challenges of sustainable urban development in the Global South. She has extensive field experience in several Latin American and African countries on urban transformations, informal entrepreneurship and land governance.


Femke van Noorloos is Assistant Professor of International Development Studies (IDS, Human Geography & Planning, Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University). Her research focuses on urban development in Africa and Latin America; particularly on land issues in (sub)urban settings, citizen initiatives and urban governance, and private sector investment in urban development, also in relation to transnational mobilities.


Kei Otsuki is a development sociologist. Her research centres on sustainable making of human settlements on investment frontiers in Latin America and Africa. Her key publications include: Transformative Sustainable Development (2016); and a number of articles on displacement, infrastructure and environmental and land governance in Brazil and Mozambique; and climate change adaptation interventions and community resilience in Ghana.