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Volume 45 – Number 4


The ten papers in the issue cover three continents and seven countries representing a true diversity of settings. Each paper offers new insights into how commuting journeys vary across space and how this is influenced by spatial development and economic, technological and cultural change. All the papers give consideration to how commuting is changing in the setting examined, whether explicitly by analysing longitudinal data or implicitly by interpreting their results in relation to historical developments.

Kiron Chatterjee is Associate Professor in Travel Behaviour at the Centre for Transport & Society at UWE Bristol. His research seeks to understand the way in which people travel, how this is influenced by the transport system and society and the impacts of transport on people’s lives. This research is aimed at anticipating future mobility trends and designing transport systems and services that meet the needs of different members of the population.


Ben Clark is a Senior Lecturer in Transport Planning and Engineering at the Centre for Transport & Society at UWE Bristol. His research interests centre on travel behavior, with a specific focus on the application of longitudinal research methods to explore how and why behaviors change over the course of people’s lives.