Multifunctional Urban Land Use

About this issue

Issue number
Volume 30 – Number 4


Editors: Hugo Priemus, Caroline A. Rodenburg and Peter Nijkamp
15 Dec 2004


  • Multifunctional Urban Land Use: A New Phenomenon? A New Planning Challenge?
    Hugo Priemus, Caroline A. Rodenburg,  Peter Nijkamp
  • Multifunctional Land Use in the City: A Typological Overview
    Caroline A. Rodenburg, Peter Nijkamp
  • Urban Multifunctional Land Use: Theoretical and Empirical Insights on Economies of Scale, Scope and Diversity
    Ron Vreeker, Henri L.F. de Groot, Erik T. Verhoef
  • Compact City and Urban Sprawl
    Frans Dieleman, Michael Wegener
  • Representing Multifunctional Cities: Density and Diversity in Space and Time
    Michael Batty, Elena Besussi, Kees Maat, Jan Jaap Harts
  • Multifunctional Urban Planning of Mega-City-Regions
    Hugo Priemus, Peter Hall
  • Publication Reviews
    Anthony Sutcliffe, Yasser Elsheshtawy, Sutcliffe Yasser