Music and the City

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Issue number
Volume 31 – Number 3


Editor: Robert Kloosterman
15 Jun 2005


  • Come Together: An Introduction to Music and the City
    Robert C. Kloosterman
  • Recording Studios: Relational Spaces of Creativity in the City
    Chris Gibson
  • Black Stars or Black Holes? Cities as Sites for Verticality in Popular Black Music Production
    Howard R. Harrington
  • Detroit, City of Cars, City of Music
    Chris Quispel
  • HipHop ist im Haus: Cultural Policy, Community Centres, and the Making of Hip-Hop Music in Germany
    Michael Hoyler, Christoph Mager
  • Songs from the Wood and Sounds of the Suburbs: A Folk, Rock and Punk Portrait of England, 1965–1977
    Nick Green
  • Publication Reviews