Perspectives on Urban Greenspace in Europe

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Volume 29 – Number 2



  • Perspectives on Urban Greenspace in Europe
    Stephan Pauleit
  • Nature, Role and Value of Green Space in Towns and Cities: An Overview
    Carys Swanwick, Nigel Dunnett, Helen Woolley
  • Green and Red: Enemies or Allies? The Utrecht Experience with Green Structure Planning
    Sybrand Tjallingii
  • Byker Revisited
    Robin Abrams
  • A Changing Understanding of the Role of Greenspace in High-density Housing: A European Perspective
    Anne R. Beer, Tim Delshammar,  Peter Schildwacht
  • Challenges in the Planning and Management of ‘Greenstructure’ in Warsaw, Poland
    Barbara Szulczewska, Ewa Kaliszuk
  • Promoting the Natural Greenstructure of Towns and Cities: English Nature's Accessible Natural Greenspace Standards Model
    Stephan Pauleit, Paul Slinn, John Handley, Sarah Lindley
  • Win-Win-Solutions in Spatial Planning in Germany
    Bettina Oppermann, Kerstin Langer
  • Publication Reviews
    Stephen Marshall