Planning Healthy Towns and Cities

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Issue number
Volume 31 – Number 4


Editors: Bechir Kenzari and Yasser Elsheshtawy
15 Dec 2005


  • Healthy Urban Planning: Setting the Scene
    Hugh Barton
  • Healthy Cities: The Impact of Food Retail-led Regeneration on Food Access, Choice and Retail Structure
    Steven Cummins, Anne Findlay, Mark Petticrew, Leigh Sparks
  • Urban Settings and Opportunities for Healthy Lifestyles: Rediscovering Walking and Cycling and Understanding Their Health Benefits
    Francesca Racioppi, Carlos Dora, Harry Rutter
  • Housing and Health: A Way Forward
    Roderick J. Lawrence
  • Biodiversity and Human Health: What Role for Nature in Healthy Urban Planning?
    Caroline Brown,  Marcus Grant
  • A Health Map for Urban Planners
    Hugh Barton
  • Healthy Cities and the Built Environment
    Leonard Duhl
  • Publication Reviews
    Hugh Barton, Nick Gallent