Polycentric Development Policies Across Europe

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Issue number
Volume 31 – Number 2


Editors: Wil Zonneveld, Evert Meijers and Bas Waterhout
15 Sep 2005


  • Polycentric Development Policies in European Countries: An Introduction
    Evert Meijers, Bas Waterhout, Wil Zonneveld
  • Striving for Equity: Polycentric Development Policies in France
    Guy Baudelle, Jean Peyrony
  • Polycentricity in Policies: The Greek Case
    Minas Angelidis
  • The Polycentric Turn in the Irish Spatial Strategy
    Simin Davoudi, Michelle Wishardt
  • The Urban System of Poland
    Piotr Korcelli
  • Polycentricity in Finland: From Structure to Strategy
    Janne Antikainen, PerttuVartiainen
  • Polycentricity in Italian Policies
    Carlo Salone
  • Polycentric Development Policies in Europe: Overview and Debate
    Bas Waterhout, Wil Zonneveld, Evert Meijers
  • Publication Reviews
    John R. Gold, Gabriel Dupuy