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Railways in Europe: A New Era?

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Volume 35 – Number 1
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Guest editors: Moshe Givoni and Torben Holvad
08 Apr 2014
This issue provides a snapshot of European rail at the start of 2009, while detecting the main changes which took place over the last two decades. It then examines the scope for improving the position of passenger and freight railways in European transport and the role that railways can play in delivering current European transport policies. In the current transportation policy arena the challenges for European railways are enormous but so are the opportunities, both of these are highlighted in this special issue, the papers each examining different perspectives.


  • The Prospects for European Railways: Is the Second Railway Age Still Here or Yet to Begin?
    Moshe Givoni and Torben Holvad
  • Trends in European Railways over the Last Two Decades
    John Preston
  • Review of Railway Policy Reforms in Europe
    Torben Holvad
  • Rail Privatization and Competitive Tendering in Europe
    Gunnar Alexandersson
  • Magic Carpets and Seamless Webs: Opportunities and Constraints for High-Speed Trains in Europe
    Peter Hall
  • Are Railways ‘Climate Friendly’?
    Moshe Givoni, Christian Brand and Paul Watkiss
  • Opening the Market in the Rail Freight Sector
    Stane Božičnik
  • The Impact of Railway Station Development on Urban Dynamics: A Review of the Amsterdam South Axis Project
    Frank Bruinsma
  • Improving the Quality of the Door-to-Door Rail Journey: A Customer-Oriented Approach
    Martij N Brons and Piet Rietveld
  • East European Rail: The State of the Network
    Katalin Tánczos and György Bessenyei
  • Publication Reviews