Reflections on the Polycentric Metropolis

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Issue number
Volume 32 – Number 2


Editors: Ludovic Halbert, Frank Convery and Alain Thiersteil
15 Jun 2006


  • Reflections on the Polycentric Metropolis
    Ludovic Halbert, Frank J Convery, Alain Thierstein
  • Polycentrism: Boon or Barrier to Metropolitan Competitiveness? The Case of the Randstad Holland
    Bart Lambregts
  • Advantageous Fragmentation? Reimagining Metropolitan Governance and Spatial Planning in Rhine-Main
    Michael Hoyler, Tim Freytag, Christoph Mager
  • RhineRuhr: Towards Compatibility? Strategic Spatial Policies for a Specific Configuration of Polycentricity
    Wolfgang Knapp, Peter Schmitt, Rainer Danielzyk
  • Globalization and Social Dualization, under an Institutional Constraint: The Brussels-Capital Case
    Christian Vandermotten, Marcel Roelandts
  • Governance Strategies for the Zrich-Basel Metropolitan Region in Switzerland
    Simone Gabi, Alain Thierstein, Christian Kruse, Lars Glanzmann
  • Organizing Space in a Dynamic Economy: Insights for Policy from the Irish Experience
    Frank J Convery, Daniel Mcinerney, Martin Sokol, Peter Stafford
  • The Polycentric City Region That Never Was: The Paris Agglomeration, Bassin Parisien and Spatial Planning Strategies in France
    Ludovic Halbert
  • Policy Challenges of Functional Polycentricity in a Global Mega-City Region: South East England
    Kathy Pain
  • European Polycentricity and Emerging Mega-City Regions: One Size Fits All Policy?
    Ludovic Halbert, Kathy Pain, Alain Thierstein
  • Publication Reviews
    Stephen Marshall, Stephan Pauleit