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The Role of Walking and Cycling in Advancing Healthy and Sustainable Urban Areas

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Volume 36 – Number 4
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Guest editors: Miles Tights and Moshe Givoni
08 Apr 2014
At the heart of much new planning policy directed towards creating healthy and sustainably urban areas are two modes of transport – walking and cycling. With contributions from the UK, US, Australia and mainland Europe, this issue focuses on walking and cycling from a broad perspective. It considers what we need to know about these ‘active transport’ modes to understand their importance; the evidence for what works and how much change might be possible and over what timescales; and the benefi ts from such change.


  • The Role of Walking and Cycling in Advancing Healthy and Sustainable Urban Areas 
    Miles Tight and Moshe Givoni
  • Walking and Cycling for Healthy Cities
    John Pucher and Ralph Buehler
  • Tackling Obesity by Urban Planning? Recent Research and a European Case Study: Some Evidence and Perspectives
    Clotilde Minster
  • Promoting Walking and Bicycling: Assessing the Evidence to Assist Planners
    Ann Forsyth and Kevin Krizek
  • Shaping the City for Walking and Cycling: A Case Study of Lancaster
    Colin Pooley, Dave Horton, Griet Scheldeman and Richard Harrison
  • Walkability, Social Inclusion and Social Isolation and Street Redesign
    Carmel Boyce
  • The Journey and the Destination Matt er: Child-Friendly Cities and Children’s Right to the City
    Carolyn Whitzman, Megan Worthington and Dana Mizrachi
  • Aesthetic Aspects of Walking and Cycling
    Paul Timms and Miles Tight
  • The Health Economic Case for Infrastructure to Promote Active Travel: A Critical Review
    Jane Powell, Anja Dalton, Christian Brand and David Ogilvie
  • Evaluating Active Travel: Decision-Making for the Sustainable City
    James Macmillen, Moshe Givoni and David Banister