suburbs, Sub(urbanisms), Blandscapes, Blendscapes, Brutalscapes, Brownfields

Suburbs: The 3Bs: Bland, Blend and Brutal Scapes

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Volume 49 – Number 1


The contributors to this issue provide a rich and diverse interpretation of the concept of suburban bland, blend and brutalscapes within different national and metropolitan contexts. Together they reveal several common threads: the identity of suburbs as lying somewhere between ‘the urban’ and ‘the rural’; the role of incrementalism in suburban development; the differential value placed on suburban land and property; and the social, cultural, and political-ecological importance of suburbs.

Paul J. Maginn
04 Apr 2023


Cover images: front: The Caspian Quarter, Barking Reach, East London (photo: CC sludgegulper): back: Stelingen, a suburban district of Garbsen near Hannover (photo: CC Daniel Schwen)