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The Sustainable City: Transport and Spatial Development

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Volume 29 – Number 1



  • Dual Strategies for the Environmental and Financial Goals of Sustainable Cities: De-Suburbanization and Social Capitalization
    Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Ikuo Sugiyama
  • Backcast Analysis for Realizing Sustainable Urban Form in Nagoya
    Yasuo Tomita, Daisuke Terashima, Amin Hammad, Yoshitsugu Hayashi
  • Proposing Social Capitalization Indices of Street Blocks for Evaluation of Urban Space Quality
    Hirokazu Kato, Mei Yu, Yoshitsugu Hayashi
  • Achieving Sustainable Accessibility: An Evaluation of Policy Measures in the Amsterdam Area
    Frank le Clercq, Luca Bertolini
  • Modelling Transportation Policy Impacts on Mobility Benefits and Kyoto-Protocol-Related Emissions
    John Douglas Hunt
  • Growing Smart by Linking Transportation and Land Use: Perspectives from California
    Robert Cervero
  • Publication Reviews
    Helen Meller, Anthony Sutcliffe, Robin Hickman, Jane Stamp, Barrie Shelton