Transport Inequalities and Poverty

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Issue number
Volume 30 – Number 2


Editor: Gabriel Dupuy
15 Apr 2014


  • Transport, Inequalities and Poverty
    Gabriel Dupuy
  • Do Travel Conditions Increase the Social Segregation Caused by Land Price? The Case of Paris Urban Area
    Francis Beaucire, Thierry Saint-Gérand
  • Differences in Accessibility to the Job Market According to Social Status and Place of Residence in the Paris Area
    Sandrine Wenglenski, Jean-Pierre Orfeuil
  • Barcelona: Accessibility Changes and Metropolitan Transformations
    Manuel Herce Vallejo
  • Mobility of the Poor in Two European Metropolises: Car Dependence Versus Locality Dependence
    Olivier Coutard, Gabriel Dupuy, Sylvie Fol
  • Social and Political Segregation of Urban Transportation: The Merits and Limitations of the Swiss Cities Model
    Vincent Kaufmann
  • Daily Mobility and Inequality: The Situation of the Poor
    Lourdes Diaz Olvera, Dominique Mignot, Christelle Paulo
  • Transport Disadvantage and Social Exclusion in Urban Scotland
    Julian Hine
  • Rural Transport and Social Exclusion: Developing a Rural Transport Typology
    David Gray
  • Publication Reviews
    Anthony Sutcliffe, John Punter, David Banister