The Last Mile: Why Does It Have To Be So Problematic

Built Environment Editors
28 Dec 2016

Out now, ‘The Last Mile: Why Does It Have To Be So Problematic’, Built Environment volume 42(4) guest edited by Moshe Givoni. This issue addresses the ‘last-mile problem’ - the challenge of integrating long-distance inter-city transport with short-distance urban transport. The articles consider a variety of angles on this important and thorny topic including: ‘the last mile’ challenges in the flows of goods and passengers in freight and public transport’; the factors of infrastructure and commuter experiences; the influence of cultural and family norms on behaviours and modes of transport; the role of 'shared mobility'; car-free urban areas; and the potential future impact of technoloies such as 3D printing and drones.


Editorial: Winning the Last Mile MOSHE GIVONI



Exploring Last Mile Synergies in Passenger and Freight Transport NIKLAS ARVIDSSON, MOSHE GIVONI and JOHAN WOXENIUS

Discourses, Travel Behaviour and the ‘Last Mile’ in London ROBIN HICKMAN and GIACOMO VECIA

Cultural Differences in Children’s One Mile Mobility REBECCA SHLISELBERG and MOSHE GIVONI

Mobility and the Sharing Economy: Potential to Facilitate the First- and Last-Mile Public Transit Connections SUSAN SHAHEEN and NELSON CHAN

Shared Autonomous Vehicles: Catalyst of New Mobility for the Last Mile? MICHAEL OHNEMUS and ANTHONY PERL

Car-Free Urban Areas: A Radical Solution to the Last Mile Problem or a Step Too Far? MILES TIGHT, FIONA RAJÉ and PAUL TIMMS

The Possible Impact of 3D Printing and Drones on Last-Mile Logistics: An Exploratory Study ALAN C. MCKINNON


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