The Power of Plans podcasts - Shenzhen, Dublin and New York
In a mini-series of podcasts, guest editors Wray & Natarajan join podcast guru Sam Stafford and three case study authors from the Special Issue on the Power of Plans.
By Ian Wray & Lucy Natarajan 30 Aug 2023
Unravelling the relationship between urban planning and public health
Urban Planning & Public Health' Guest Editors introduce the enormously relevant articles and themes of Special Issue 49 (1).
By Heeseo Rain Kwon, Kathy Pain, Cecilia Wong and Caglar Koksal 13 Aug 2023
Domestic Destruction: Violent Acts towards Self-Built Homes in Cairo and Los Angeles
This blog ‘Domestic Destruction’ on the violence around housing builds on the framings of violence in issue 40(3) Urban Violence and 37(1) Informal Urbanism, both guest-edited by our very own Editorial Board member, Yasser Elsheshtawy. Blog authors, University of Columbia Graduates Polina Stepanova (MArch) and Catherine...
By Polina Stepanova & Catherine Weilein 24 Jul 2023
Urban Science for augmented cities
What is Urban Science? How does urban science differ from other kinds of science, or other kinds of urban knowledge? And how could urban science help support understanding of urban fields including the built environment? Prof Stephen Marshall explains in this blog.
By Stephen Marshall 23 Nov 2022
A waltz or a tango? Public spaces in the Global North and South
In this blog Karina Landman and Christine Mady – guest editors of 48.2 Public Spaces in the Global North and South – reflect on the global diversity urban public space, and the back and forth of the social partners as they ‘dance’.
By Karina Landman and Christine Mady 5 Sep 2022
Will Covid-19 change the way we live in our cities?
Stefania Fiorentino, & Philip Allmendinger, from the Department of Land Economy at the University of Cambridge, reflect on the latest issue of Built Environment and their own work on planning cities post-Covid-19 .
By Stefania Fiorentino, & Philip Allmendinger 4 Nov 2021
A New Look at Playscapes in the Built Environment
Deike Peters introduces her guest edited issue on Playscapes. Given the past year of zoom gloom and excessive time spent indoors, she asks what exactly constitutes an optimal outdoor playscape and what are the implications of todays urban and suburban environments?
By Deike Peters 30 Aug 2021
Conflict and Urban Change through the Lens of the Global Pandemic.
Guest Editors, Nanke Verloo & Diane E. Davis explain how the themes of their special issues (47.1) on Conflict & Urban Change, and are of increasing relevance today.
By Nanke Verloo & Diane E. Davis 16 May 2021
Public Space Usage in a Pandemic in Hong Kong
This piece Dr Hee Sun Choi is a lecturer at Hong Kong Design Institute and co-director of CHOI-COMER ASIA in Hong Kong Inspired by 43.2 'public space & urban justice' & 44.1 'inclusive design', she presents a series of studies about urban public space in Hong Kong. She presents findings from a study of over 160...
By Dr Hee Sun Choi 14 Mar 2021
Hubs and Linkages: The Keys to Successful High-Speed Rail
Dr Chia-Lin Chen introduces Issue 46.3, and the study of international HSR cases.
By Chia-Lin Chen 17 Dec 2020