Finding Value in the Public Space of Hong Kong
Dr Hee Sun Choi presents a pictorial study of public space in Hong Kong. Looking at the four unique spaces, she considers the possibilities of alternative designs.
By Dr Hee Sun Choi 19 Feb 2020
Consultation in planning: keeping the conflict
Iain Roberts shares his experiences of consultation in planning a Councillor in the UK, and reflects on the lessons from this.
By Iain Roberts 5 Feb 2020
Changing Patterns of Commuting
Introducing our new special issue, on new patterns of commuting and the changes today.
By Kiron Chatterjee and Ben Clark 13 Dec 2019
Community-led housing as an active international field
Sam Brown, an Architect based in the UK, reflects on the international collection of case studies in our latest special issue,‘Collaborative Housing: Resident and Professional Roles’ guest-edited by Jasmine Palmer and Lidewij Tummers.
By Sam Brown 4 Dec 2019
The future of public participation?
Lucy Natarajan introduces part 2 of the double issue People, Plans and Places of the double special issue of Built Environment (issues 45.1 and 45.2), both out now.
By Lucy Natarajan 8 Jul 2019
The Sharing Economy and Blurring in Public-Private Relationships
Following their article on dockless bike hire problems in People Plans & Places: Outlooks on Participating, Geoff Dudley, David Banister and Tim Schwanen consider the implications of ‘sharing modes’ for governance networks.
By Geoffrey Dudley, David Banister, and Tim Schwanen 8 Jul 2019
Politics of a donor city in post-Idai Beira: What’s to come?
Murtah Shannon, one of the authors of issue 44.4 on Urban Land Grabs, discusses the politics and planning after cyclone Idai.
By Murtah Shannon 23 May 2019
What has happened to 'having a say'?
Our first issue of 2019, marks fifty years since the publication of two important texts Arnstein and Skeffington, and looks at the 'state of that art' of participation.
By Lucy Natarajan 13 Apr 2019
Introducing: Urban land grabs in Africa
An introduction to Urban Land Grabs in Africa, by Griet Steel, Femke van Noorloos and Kei Otsuki
By Griet Steel, Femke van Noorloos and Kei Otsuki 25 Feb 2019
Introducing ‘Branded Landscapes in Contemporary Cities’
Tali Hatuka & Cristina Mattiucci introduce their work on Branded Landscapes.
By Tali Hatuka & Cristina Mattiucci 17 Oct 2018